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Zakumi, World Cup 2010 Mascot Maret 26, 2010

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Zakumi, 2010 Worldcup mascot

Zakumi, 2010 Worldcup mascot

Spirit character of Zakumi as the Worldcup mascot 2010 was appear the first time on June 16, 1994. Zakumi was born at the end of the practice of racial discrimination (apartheid) and the celebration of Youth Day. The Creator of Zakumi’s character is a South African artist, Andries Odendaal, from Cape Town. While the costume design submitted to Cora Simpson of Cora’s Costumes cc in Boksburg.

Zakumi officially designated as the official mascot of Worldcup 2010 in Johannesburg, South Africa, on 22 September 2008. Physically Zakumi is a leopard (tiger desert) yellow and green hair. Interpretation the meaning of Zakumi can be varied. The first two words or “Za” is the country code of South Africa in Africa. Za is one of eleven languages spoken in South Africa. While “Kumi” means ten, indicating in organizing the event which will be held on June 11 to July 11, 2010. Tim Modise, spokesman for committee organizing the WorldCup 2010 South Africa, stated that in South Africa Zakumi also can mean “come here”. Green was chosen because the color representation of a football field in general.

FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke said Zakumi was designed exclusively in South Africa would become part of history. South Africa is the first Africa country organize the World Cup in the African continent. “Zakumi presenting the people, geography, and spirit of South Africa, he brings the spirit of the World Cup 2010,” Valcke explained to the Associated Press.

“Zakumi is the pride of South Africa. He’s young character, energetic, friendly, smart, and ambitious. He will create a good mood to the fans and make a fun tournament, “said Lucas Radebe, former South African national team star who played at Leeds United, as quoted by SABC News.

WorldCup mascot became a tradition when introduced at the WorldCup 1966 in England. The first mascot was named Willie. And there was another famous mascot, such as, Naranjito in WorldCup 1982, Spain; Ciao in WorldCup 1990, Italy; Footrix at the WorldCup 1998, France; and Goleo in WorldCup 2006, Germany.

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