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Players Wages Determine Position Mei 22, 2010

Posted by aditkus in Football and Futsal.
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Premier league manajers right now average lasted only 2 years hold their position and most of them fired at end of a season. So the clubs directors in all England right now are sitting and discusing about who will be the next savior that be contracted. May be they will say they want somebody that give victory. But, in facts, that element only one of the three qualities that wanted by a club from a manajer. This how a club search a manajer, Actually a manajer role on influencing team performance smaller than most of people think. An economic sport expert, Stefan Szymanski, found facts that since 1998 until 2007, amount of money that spent by Premier clubs and Championship for wages its players explain 89% variation position on league standings . In Italia Serie A, during 14 years its corelation is 93%. In short words, a club who pays greater for players win. There are no other factors-like who is the manajer- have the biggest role. A club who pays great amount of money for its players will pay the manajers more bigger. So the best players will get the best manager.

But wait, this argumentation still not convince. First, if some manajers are good enough and others bad, why manajer performance individually can so diverse? Wayne Rooney or John Terry are good players. Sometimes they have worse situation but no one think that they as bad players and need to be fired. In  world manajer history full of savior people then dumped several months later- Pellegrini, Madrid Manager.

Only some of the manajers- Brian Clough, Jose Mourinho, and Louis Van Gaal- that can consistent show better performance than prediction which based on team wages budget. Most of other manajers have good times and nightmares. Moreover how a manajer can make big changes if only lasted in a short time. A manajer generally will not determine its team performance, But he determine its image. His job is become a Simbolistic figur similar with a Queen or Prime Minister. Let’s look Maradona appoipment by Argentine in 2008. Some people believe that a good player will be a good manajer also. In facts, far from 1995, Syzymanski did a research to 209 club manajers in England since 1974 unitl 1994 and he reported: “I saw carrer each manajers, first as a player (including amount of party, goals, position, appearances with national team, amount of side he defend) then as a manajer (experience as a manager, the number of clubs he manage, and his age when he become a manager). Carrer track record  not show any clues, except  that midfielder players and goalkeepers not very successful (Forward players little bit successful).

Kenny Dalgish is a most successful manager that investigated by Stefan. Daglish is a great player. Boby Moore used to a great player but he buried in 193 rank in managers list. The success during played not guarantee success in managerial world. Right now, most of clubs and nations know these principles. They still appoint a great player as a manager, but usually they think because their ex Hero  will get more scores than  a man in good suit wich can randomly selected. More than that, a manager have function except dedicate victory he also representatif of his country or club. Argentine appoint Maradona because he is a embodiment of Argentina. When Maradona’s squad lost, so many critism came but it is not fair. Victory is not the reason he appointed. The third criteria when appoint a manager is his talent in public relationship. A manager should look as a manager and seems superb in press conference. His public relation is very  important when footlball have media coverage. In past time, a manager wasn’t selebrity. The late Helenio Herrera, Legendary Inter Milan manager in 1960’s, said that before his period “players manage and run the team and coach have a role as bags carrier. Press conference which broacasted by television push modern myth that a manager can do anything. A manager with good public relation skill can convince all fans, medias, players, and sponsors. But unfortunately, this ablity can’t help to win as important aspect- football game itself




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