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Can Ronaldo lead Portugal to World Cup Champion? Mei 30, 2010

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Becoming  the  world most expensive player when moved from Manchester United to Real Madrid with price 80 million pounds at summer last year. But whether  he will appropriate with public expectation?

Outside the UK, a captain position is not something  that will be the subject of debate. Using  a piece of cloth wraparound at your biceps mucle will not make you automatically as a captain likewise on the contrary when you not use it doesn’t mean you are not the leader. When Cristiano Ronaldo was ellected become captain for his national team, many people questioning especially after Carlos Queiroz made him as pemanent captain  after previous Portugal coah Felipe Scolari made him as captain during EURO 2008.

May be for them who cynic will say it’s one way for making this Real Madrid Star more responsible and strengthen relationship with Quieroz which often get critism and Ronaldo that almost never get critism. A Pundit from Portugal said that “ Queiroz always become shot target, this way  is for hidding behind Ronaldo. In his young age, 24, he should become a captain which must lead as a good model and it because his speech skill and charisma in change room not comparable with his skill in field. The problem is when you better that anyone, it will hard for another players for following you as a model role.>>Baca entry selanjutnya>>



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