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Juan Sebastián Verón, La Brujita Juni 24, 2010

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Juan Sebastián Verón

Juan Sebastián Verón

Only Need Half of His Magic

Juan Sebastián Verón (born 9 March 1975 in La Plata) is an Argentine professional football player who currently plays as the captain and midfielder for Estudiantes de La Plata in the Argentine first division. Verón‘s career started in Estudiantes, continued in Argentina’s Boca Juniors, and included stints in several Serie A clubs (where he won the Scudetto with Lazio and with Internazionale, and a UEFA Cup with Parma), and England’s Manchester United and Chelsea. In 2006, Verón returned to Estudiantes, where he is team captain.

In 2004, he was included in the FIFA 100 centenary list of the 125 greatest living footballers, selected by Pelé as part of FIFA’s centenary celebrations. Verón has both Argentine and Italian citizenship. His nickname is La Brujita (Little Witch), a nod to his father Juan Ramón who was known as La Bruja (The Witch) and was also a championship winning player with Estudiantes. Usually a playmaker, Verón is most famous for his vision and perceptive passing. He compensates his limited physical speed with his considerable experience and vision. He is also known for his powerful long shot and set pieces.

Even many people doubt his fitness (35 years old) for playing in his third world cup, Maradona trust him as one of Argentine midfielder. Maradona’s magic at South Africa actually in Lionel Messi. But Maradona considers that Veron as a important player so he should accompany Messi. He so precious in fact Maradona don’t have subtitute player for him. Maradona only brought one pure playmaker for Albiceleste, that player is Veron. From Maradona perspective and Argentine Football public, only Juan Roman Riquelme that can replace  Veron’s role.  Be side Riquelme, no other player have the same level capability as Veron. Unfortunatelly Riquelme and Maradona did not get along. Riquelme feel offended when  Maradona criticised the way that Riquleme played in a tv show. Since that Riquelme announced retired from international football after Germany world cup in 2006.

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