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Futsal Common Injury Juli 29, 2010

Posted by aditkus in Football and Futsal.

Futsal Injury

Futsal Injury

One of the benefit of playing futsal is to maintain health, but futsal also can bring negative effect. Like the other sports, futsal can bring several injury risk. In futsal, there are two kinds that can cause injury. First, because of rough game. Second, negligence while playing. Usualy, injury caused by the factor  of rough game more severe than the injury caused by negligence.

One of the injury is knee injury, this injury happens caused by  knee extrem colide each other and become problem for many futsal athletes because need much time for healing it. Beside that, this kind of injury creata traumatic effect that make an athlet can’t back to his best performance. Knee injury more often happen to professional athletess who undergo hard-action game. Beside injury at knee, another part of body that potentially have injury is  angkle sprain. This injury can happen because opponent tackle or lunge  when a player not enough raise his foot when kick the ball so outer side of foot  hit the floor. The symptomps can  be mild or severe, started from pain while walk until swollen.

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